Jessica Christine

Hi, My name is Jessica Christine and I am here to change the world. I am here to empower people to know that they know and that they can do so much more than they ever have dreamed of. My presentation is in English, not because I don't know Swedish, but because I want everybody around the world to be able to follow what I am doing. Dutch born, moved to Sweden in 2004, and being both speech-language pathologist and singing teacher, my dream has always been to be a performing singer/artist. I did that in choirs, orchestras and bands, but it was always part-time, not (always) with a purpose to change the world. I felt I needed to reach more people, so in 2015 I quit the choir and started playing the guitar for real. I started writing songs and performing on open mic nights. Then, in August this year (2018), I quit my job at Linköpings Municipality and went all in for my own company and my singing career. I started a band and started practicing even more. Besides singing and playing the guitar, I also play the oboe, recorder and piano. I am an honest, open-hearted, humorous and serious, purpose-driven, curious, ever searching and evolving person, always looking for ways to be myself even more than I was a minute before. When I am playing, what energy, space and consciousness can I be for you to reach your goals, find hope, happiness, gratitude, joy, fire and live the life you desire?


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